Almuni Weekend

472776_254823154664415_1252473668_o Coming off a win against York College of PA to end their season (13-4-1), the studs of UMBuC rugby had to take care of one final test before they could conclude their Spring 2013 season - to meet the illustrious old men of the UMBC Rugby Alumni Association on the pitch for their yearly reminder of how old they are and how good they used to be.

After their Night of Debauchery, the old men dusted off their old boots and kitted up at their old field.  There were plenty of reunions and surprise visits before the game, with a turnout of over 100 current players and alum, as well as their family and friends.

The game went exactly as you can imagine a "friendly" between the alumni and currently players would go - plenty of big hits all around.  That's what happens when you pit 2 UMBuC teams against each other on the field!  There were some questionable calls by the alumni referees, and at several times there were upwards of 18 players on the alumni side of the field.  But all is fair in love and war, and the alumni beat the current team 17-12 when the final whistle blew.

Afterwards, there was plenty of eating and drinking with the alumni as everyone caught up and reminisced over a very successful year.  There is a lot to be happy about from the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 season.  In the fall, UMBuC made it to the semifinals in the playoffs, losing only to the national champion runner-ups.  In the spring, UMBuC repeated their championship wins at the Frostbite and Rocky Gorge Cup tournaments.  In addition to our on-the-field success, 2013 was the first year that UMBC rugby and the alumni went on a day of service, giving back to the local community.  We hope to continue and expand that tradition next year.

Matt Parks was awarded the Haud Callumi scholarship for 2013, continuing the tradition started last year with the first scholarship awarded to a current team member and student athlete by the Alumni Association.  An official plaque engraved with the names of the scholarship recipients was graciously donated by the alumni for the clubhouse.

UMBC RFC and the Alumni Association have big plans for next year's season.  We are sad to see our graduating seniors leave, but happy to see them join and improve the already awesome Alumni Association.

Many thanks to our sponsors, SAP NS2.  This was our first year with an official sponsor so there were a few bumps in the road getting things going, but you stuck with us the whole way and we are proud to call you our sponsor.

Check out the full albums from the alumni weekend on the UMBC Rugby Alumni Association Facebook page, and give it a like to keep up with the old boys.  Like UMBC Rugby on Facebook while your at it, and follow us on Twitter, @UMBCMensRugby.

Keep checking back on the website for information about our U19 Sevens tournament this summer, the first annual UMBuC "Stud 7's" Tournament.


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