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Winter is Coming Food Drive – Results!

BbuB2gmIEAAW5w-.jpg-large Every great tradition has to start somewhere.  In its first ever food drive, UMBC ruggers came together and gathered canned food donations for the Maryland Food Bank.  After a week collecting donations from the UMBC community, their families, and their friends, the team donated 120lbs of non-perishable items to the MD Food Bank!  This contribution will directly help those in need throughout Maryland this winter.

The top contributor, Senior Flyhalf Karl Shuey (pictured) donated over 20lbs of food.  His efforts were recognized with one of our brand new rugby balls, complete with the UMBC patch and our sponsor SAP NS2's logo.

This first food drive has set the baseline for future club charity efforts.  Next year, the team will have a goal to reach - topping the 120lb mark!

From everyone at UMBC Rugby, we wish you Happy Holidays!

Gorge Cup Champs (Again!)

GorgeCup2013 4/20 was a day of many records for UMBC.  What has never happened before and will likely never happen again, UMBC was the first team to the pitch in the morning - even Rocky Gorge's tournament reps weren't there yet.  UMBC set up camp and warmed up as teams began to arrive.  As defending champions of Gorge Cup, it was their duty to top last year's performance.  And 2013's Gorge Cup will certainly go down as one to remember.

Game 1 - At 9:10am, UMBC was ready to go, but Montgomery CC was a no-show.  A disappointing start to the day; although UMBC was given a free win, there would be a wait of almost two more hours before the first hits of the day could be made.

Game 2 - Finally at 10:50am, UMBC took the field against Towson's B-side.  UMBC started strong with quick breaks in the backline and powerful runs by the forwards.  Scoring early and often, UMBC retained possession of the ball for a majority of the game with good support and set-piece play.  When the final whistle blew, UMBC came out on top 38-5, earning their first real win of the day.

Game 3 - The last of the guaranteed games of the day, UMBC was up against George Mason.  Both teams were 2-0 at the time, so the winner would take first overall in the bracket and secure a spot to compete for the trophy.  Again, UMBC scored early and often, keeping GMU on their back foot.  Powerful scrums gained UMBC excellent field position to attack the retreating GMU defense.  UMBC's defense never wavered this game, as the final score was a shutout, 27-0.

Game 4 - Finishing (3-0) with the best point differential, UMBC earned the 1st seed in the playoffs.  The semi-final matchup would be against the 4th seed, Mary Washington.  A brutal and physical game ensued, as both teams fought for their spot in the championship game.  UMBC struck early with runs that broke through the MW defense, followed up with good support.  Again, powerful scrums from the UMBC forwards led to several tries.  Despite a try and a penalty kick for MW, UMBC kept up the attack the whole game, leaving the field victorious; 22-10.

Game 5 - The championship.  Winner takes all.  Beat up and sore, with several players out from injury, UMBC remained focused on one thing - redemption.  The matchup was UMBC vs Towson's A-side, the same side which handed UMBC a painful loss earlier in the spring season.  But UMBC was focused and would stop at nothing for a win.  Right from the kickoff, which went out of bounds, UMBC forwards proved that this game would be different.  The scrum center was driven deep into Towson territory, and after several ensuing phases, UMBC scored first.  From there, they would not lose the lead the rest of the game.  Incenter Matt Parks scored twice on impressive runs through the Towson defense.  Graduating senior hooker James Park scored on what would be his last game against Towson playing for UMBC.  Captain Erik Anderson also scored a try, as well as Flanker Ricky Johnson.  Two conversions from Flyhalf Richie Campbell gave UMBC 29 points.  Towson was held to 7 points until they scored on the last play of the game, with the final whistle blowing to give UMBC the championship 29-12.

UMBC celebrated with respect as they were awarded the 2013 Gorge Cup Championship trophy.  Speaking from personal experience, the feeling was unreal.  The trophy meant more to the club and to the players than another tournament win, it symbolized the team's hard work and dedication paying off in an unforgettable victory.  Coach Hanibal Gnahoui was also given an MVP plaque to award, which he gave to the forwards for their consistently dominating performance the whole day.  The tournament wins put UMBC at (12-4-1) for the spring season.

UMBC would like to thank its fans and alumni who came out and supported us, Rocky Gorge for hosting the tournament, our sponsor SAP NS2, and our coach, Hanibal Gnahoui.  UMBC is one step closer to their goal of building a team to dominate in the Fall season of 2013.

Not your typical spring break

BFe6DoBCEAAL2di As most UMBC students travelled home for their spring break, UMBC Rugby had other plans.  Packing up in vans in the early morning hours, the team journeyed south down I-95 to sunny Florida to play some rugby and relax by the beach.  After checking into the hotel and unpacking, the team prepared for their game Saturday versus Daytona Beach Rugby club.  Arriving to the pitch to perfect 78 degree and sunny weather, both teams kicked off a great game of rugby.  In the end, Daytona Beach came out on top 43-15.  UMBC suffered its first loss of the spring season but learned what they needed to improve on for their next match.  Afterwards, the teams relaxed and shared stories to good food and drink generously provided by Daytona Beach.  Another day at the beach and UMBC packed up and returned to Maryland, eager for their next game against Towson on the 30th.

Debut of New Jerseys!

Team Pic SAP NS2 It was a beautiful rugby day - snowing sideways and bitter cold gusts of wind.  That, on top of playing on a wet and muddy field, made for a great debut of our new SAP NS2 jerseys!  George Washington made the voyage up to Walker Field for the home opener of the spring season - and things got off to a smashing start.

Big hits were delivered right from the initial kickoff, as both teams had something to prove after their regular season meeting last fall.  Early on in the first half, the ball popped out of a scrum where Wing Matt Phillips picked up the ball and ran 50 meters down the sideline, offloading to Scrum-half Matt "Ziggy" Zvitkovitz for the first try of the season.

Shortly thereafter, Ziggy would find the try zone again after an offload from Lock Tyler Tippett to Wing "Shadow" Mariko set up a ruck at the GW goal line.  A quick dummy-pass to the forwards drew the defense outside, which left a hole big enough for Ziggy to put UMBuC up 10-0 with his second try.

After the ensuing kickoff, the ball was swung out to Tippett, who delivered a crushing blow to the GW wing and the ruck formed drew a penalty in favor of UMBC.  From the tap-and-go,  the UMBuC backline showed off their hands and speed by punching through the GW defense.  Inside Center Matt Parks broke through a tackle and dove for the try zone to put UMBC on top 15-0.

GW wouldn't let the scoring go unanswered, with 2 tries in the second half.  Their quick hands, solid offloads, and hard running centers were able to find holes in the UMBC defense twice.  GW also converted both of their kicks, leaving them one point off the lead, 15-14.  But UMBC stayed resilient and pushed back the GW attackers with good kicking and setpiece play.  After a series of forward crashes, Lock "Highlander" McQueeney scored his first A-side try by driving back the opposing GW forward enough to touch the ball down.

Neither side managed to score again before the final whistle.  The final score was 20-14, an excellent game from both teams.  There is plenty for both teams to be happy about and plenty to improve on as well.

It's back to practice Monday for UMBC, as we prepare for next week's match.  Stay tuned!

Fundraiser and Spring Updates!


Tomorrow is one of the last Varsity Basketball fundraisers, and it's a big one!  A double-header starting at 1:00pm in the RAC is a great opportunity to get your fundraising dues in for this semester!  Come out and cheer for UMBC and have a great time with the team heckling the opponents' inferior skills and ugly faces.

If you haven't checked out our Spring Schedule yet, click the "Schedule" tab and see our big plans for this semester!   3 tournaments, plenty of scrimmages,  an awesome trip to Florida and some community service will keep us busy on Saturdays.  We appreciate all our fans who come to support us during our events, and can't wait to see you all this semester!

Special thanks to our sponsor, SAP NS2!  We have an excellent new look we plan to show off this semester, one with your name on it!  We're very excited and proud to have your logo on our jerseys so the other teams can appreciate it as we run past them and into the try zone!

Gonna be a great semester for UMBuC Rugby, especially for our Seniors who will be leaving us at the end of the semester.  Let's put in the work this semester and make it one to remember!

UMBC’s Season Concludes

577379_10151044371890826_597333158_n The Fall 2012 season for UMBC ended Saturday with a tough loss to #1 Salisbury.  UMBC came out hitting hard and playing fast, but Salisbury capitalized on UMBC ball-handling mistakes early to go up by two tries.  Fatback Cordell Drummond, on his last game for UMBC, stiff-armed away tacklers and punched the ball into the corner of the try zone to keep the score within one try at 10-5.  However, soon Salisbury's quick and rehearsed play proved to be too much for UMBC's outside defense, and Salisbury went up big by halftime.  UMBC came back in the second half and kept the ball moving and the hits coming, no matter what the score was.  Shifty flyhalf Neil Watson dove under a Salisbury defender to get UMBC its second try.  As the final whistle blew, UMBC was disappointed by the loss but proud of how they played.  The final score of the game was 43-10, Salisbury over UMBC.

Here is the link to a video done by a team mom with UMBC's two tries:

Salisbury would go on Sunday to defeat #2 Towson 27-0 as Men's Division 2 College Champs of the PRU.  UMBC feels good that they played a nationally ranked team so well, though a win would have felt much better.  Still, there are many positives to take away from the game and the season as a whole.  UMBC played disciplined rugby, and was penalized very infrequently in this game and all of its other games.  Strong, clean hits earned opponents' respect in forwards play and in the backline.  UMBC's tackling was stout defensively and on the flip side, strong runners often took multiple tacklers to be brought down.  UMBC knows exactly what it needs to improve on for the spring season and will be working diligently over the winter break to come out for a strong showing spring 2013.

UMBC would like to thank its dedicated coach, Vince Michalski, who sacrificed a lot to make it to practices and games.  His excellent coaching and organizational skills brought UMBC to #4 in the league.  His work, as well as the work of assistant coach Chris Powell, helped develop the rugby skill and knowledge of UMBC over the course of the season and it is apparent from the gameplay how far the team has come.  UMBC would also like to thank its amazing fanbase, including alumni, students, friends, and family of players who were there for the team on Saturdays.  UMBC would like to thank its sponsor, SAP NS2, for its first semester of supporting the program.  Last, but certainly not least, UMBC would like to thank the seniors who played their last game with the team on Saturday.  Your efforts have helped develop new and experienced players alike, and you led the team through example the whole season.  The program only moves forward from where you leave it, thanks to your dedication and hard work.

The fall season is over but UMBC Rugby is still active with practices, workouts, tournaments, and campus involvement.  Keep up with the team by following us on Twitter, @UMBCMensRugby, and liking our Facebook page,

SAP NS2 Joins UMBC Rugby


About SAP NS2

SAP NS2 offers the combined power of enterprise applications, analytics, database, cloud and mobile software solutions from SAP and Sybase with specialized levels of security and support to meet the unique mission requirements of US national security and critical infrastructure customers.

SAP NS2 draws on the global strengths of SAP AG and Sybase Inc., which SAP acquired in 2010. The company offers a broad set of IT solutions and services including enterprise applications, analytics, and cloud solutions from SAP; database, information management and mobility solutions from Sybase; and consulting and support services from credentialed experts in the national security space.

In addition to US national security customers, SAP NS2 also supports private companies such as defense contractors, telecom carriers, and major financial institutions that have specialized information assurance needs.

SAP NS2's solutions have been trusted by the US Government and top companies to run some of the largest, most demanding, and most sensitive databases and applications in the world.



SAP NS2 is a perfect match for UMBC.   Employing only the best and brightest in the IT field, SAPNS2's sponsorship with UMBC RFC gives the company great visibility on campus with the school's brilliant STEM majors.  Not only will the company image have a big presence on UMBC's campus, it will also spread as the team travels to many other local schools and tournaments, reaching both college teams and men's league teams.

UMBC RFC is proud to wear the SAP NS2 logo on our jerseys as we continue our pursuit of excellence both on and off the pitch.

For more information visit:

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If you'd also like to be a sponsor, please go to our "Sponsorship" page or feel free to contact one of our officers.