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Stud Cup 2013 – A Huge Success!

Renegades Saturday, August 3rd, was a huge milestone for UMBC Rugby - the team hosted its first tournament for local U19 7's teams.  6 teams participated, including the Carroll County Renegades, Howard County Hurricanes, North Bay's U19 team, a combined team from Baltimore PolyTech and the Vypers and 2 teams from Calvert Hall.   It was a great day of Rugby, held at the UMBC Stadium on campus.  Specially modified for the tournament, the turf surface was a great playing area as the constant drizzle of rain all day did not interfere with the games.

All teams showcased some impressive talent.  Plenty of big hits and blistering speed kept all 14 of the games exciting.   In a battle for the plate, the Hurricanes topped North Bay to win the first plate award in Stud Cup history.  The final game of the day was the cup match, pitting Calvert Hall's 1st side against the Renegades.  In the end, the Renegades came out on top, and secured their place as the first ever UMBC Stud Cup Champions!!

In addition to the awesome rugby games, the day was filled with other entertainment.  During the intermission, valiant gladiators from each team were invited to race down the field for a box of donuts.  Concessions were served all day by the UMBC alumni, and custom T-shirts marking the inaugural Stud Cup tournament sold out.

For the first time running this tournament, everything went very smoothly throughout the day, thanks in no small part to the referees who kept the games starting on-schedule.  Plans have already begun for next year's Stud Cup, which will be bigger and better than before.

UMBC is pleased to have had the honor of hosting these teams, their families and their friends, and thanks everyone for their sportsmanship throughout the day.

We hope everyone involved had a great time at the tournament and we look forward to inviting all of you back next year!

Slug 7’s Recap

ruggerr In their return to Rocky Gorge RFC's home pitch, UMBC had another strong showing in the annual Slug 7's tournament, one of the largest 7's tournaments on the east coast. Competing in the social division with 16 other teams, consisting mostly of men's teams, UMBC was able to place 2nd in their division and was put into the plate bracket.

In the first game of the tournament against the Renegades, UMBC suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the final 15 seconds and lost by 3 points. They fared better in game two, squeaking out a win against Harrisburg with a last second 30 meter try by Jeremy Boyer to put UMBC ahead by 3 points and ending the game. In the final game of division play, Hampton Roads Elite fell victim to a long overdue showcasing of UMBC's 7's prowess with a final score of 25-0.

While UMBC and the Renegades both ended divisional play with a 2-1 record, by virtue of UMBC's loss to the Renegades, UMBC was put into the plate bracket and the Renegades were put into the cup bracket where they lost in the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, UMBC came out swinging early against the Old Boys and capitalized on mistakes and turned them all into quick tries, ending the first half 15-0. However, the Old Boys showed that they still had some fight left in their bodies. They were able to claw their way back to within 5 to make the score 15-10 with 2 minutes left, which is almost an eternity in 7's.

The Old Boys were able to capitalize on a tired UMBC squad and found themselves in a 4 on 2 situation. With great slide defense, the two defenders were able to force the ball out to the wing but they were not fast enough to stop the last Old Boy. He ran into the try zone for what should have been the easy try but he fumbled the ball before he could touch it down, thus resulting in a 5 meter scrum to UMBC with 10 seconds left.

UMBC won the scrum and scrumhalf and team captain Cordell Drummond was able to get the ball out cleanly to rookie Luke Hollis on a well-executed whip. Hollis used his superior speed to race 95 meters to the try zone to put the final nail in the coffin and ending the game 20-10.

In the final game of the tournament which would determine the winner of the plate, UMBC played the Mason Dixon Pirates. Due to their many ringers from the home club Rocky Gorge, the Pirates were able to take advantage of UMBC's visibly tired and beaten team and won the game soundly.

Said Drummond, "We played a lot better than I thought we would. UMBC is not a 7's team and most of our 7's team consists of forwards but we passed well, tackled well, supported well and just played smart rugby. I'm proud of my team."

UMBuC Stud 7’s is back!


The sky is clear and a hazy red, the sun is low and a cool breeze wafts across the pitch, providing much needed relief for the 14 men lining up for the next phase. The shouts from both sides overpower the noise of traffic and pedestrians, unaware of the battle taking place on the pitch on the top of the hill overlooking UMBC's campus, like royalty gazing over their subjects. A crisp pass from the breakdown to the man wide-left leads to a race down the sideline. A well-placed chip-kick over the defender is recovered by the kicker, leaving the defender in the dust. Finally, a cut so quick that the final defender is looking at the ballcarrier from the ground. Slow trot into the try-zone and score. Practice is over.  Even the untrained eye can tell that something great just unfolded in front of their eyes.

For the third straight year, the UMBuC Stud 7's summer team has reformed and is better than ever. With all of the core players returning and a few more explosive members from the 15's team joining up for this summer's 7's-fest, they're looking to take the Northeast by storm

As the Stud's team captain, patriarch, and founder James Park put it, "We're going to be [legitimate] this summer. Last summer we weren't too great because we had a few guys missing but with the addition of some solid players like Hamza Malik who knows what to do with the ball and Erik Anderson who's a bruiser and can run smaller guys over. We do have guys like Leroy Jenkins who is a project and is bit undersized but definitely has some heart."

Last year, they were only able to play in the annual Slug 7's tournament held in Columbia, MD by Rocky Gorge, the current 15's D2 national champions. The lack of 7's tournaments really showed over the course of the three games as time and time again, inexperience reared its ugly head in the form of poor offloads and costly penalties.

The Stud's team that was on the pitch for the Slug's tournament last year consisted of players who were good 15's players but were not able to transfer their skills to the more fast-paced 7's, which consists on non-stop running for two 7 minute halves.

"It may seem like an extremely short amount of time to those who don't know but I've had guys who were terrific athletes tell me that was one of the most intense 14 minutes of their lives," said Cordell Drummond, last year's team captain. "Guys think that because they can run in a 10k, they can play 7's. They're the same guys huffing and puffing after 7 minutes of play while everyone else is doing just fine."

However, that's not to say that guys who aren't in terrific shape aren't welcome with the Studs.

"Guys who never played or even seen rugby before are always welcome to play and practice with us. Most of our team have never played or seen rugby before coming to UMBC," said Michael Peuse, last year's forward's captain. "We love when guys who don't know rugby take interest in the sport because that just means our team will be adding a new member who will hopefully make an impact for us."

As for being in shape?

"That's what practice is for, we're here to make everyone who represents UMBC better," said Peuse with a definitive tone.

As the players walk off the pitch after two hours of practice in the haziness of a June evening, a sense of realization falls upon them.

"We're going to be dirty this summer!"