Debut of New Jerseys!

Team Pic SAP NS2 It was a beautiful rugby day - snowing sideways and bitter cold gusts of wind.  That, on top of playing on a wet and muddy field, made for a great debut of our new SAP NS2 jerseys!  George Washington made the voyage up to Walker Field for the home opener of the spring season - and things got off to a smashing start.

Big hits were delivered right from the initial kickoff, as both teams had something to prove after their regular season meeting last fall.  Early on in the first half, the ball popped out of a scrum where Wing Matt Phillips picked up the ball and ran 50 meters down the sideline, offloading to Scrum-half Matt "Ziggy" Zvitkovitz for the first try of the season.

Shortly thereafter, Ziggy would find the try zone again after an offload from Lock Tyler Tippett to Wing "Shadow" Mariko set up a ruck at the GW goal line.  A quick dummy-pass to the forwards drew the defense outside, which left a hole big enough for Ziggy to put UMBuC up 10-0 with his second try.

After the ensuing kickoff, the ball was swung out to Tippett, who delivered a crushing blow to the GW wing and the ruck formed drew a penalty in favor of UMBC.  From the tap-and-go,  the UMBuC backline showed off their hands and speed by punching through the GW defense.  Inside Center Matt Parks broke through a tackle and dove for the try zone to put UMBC on top 15-0.

GW wouldn't let the scoring go unanswered, with 2 tries in the second half.  Their quick hands, solid offloads, and hard running centers were able to find holes in the UMBC defense twice.  GW also converted both of their kicks, leaving them one point off the lead, 15-14.  But UMBC stayed resilient and pushed back the GW attackers with good kicking and setpiece play.  After a series of forward crashes, Lock "Highlander" McQueeney scored his first A-side try by driving back the opposing GW forward enough to touch the ball down.

Neither side managed to score again before the final whistle.  The final score was 20-14, an excellent game from both teams.  There is plenty for both teams to be happy about and plenty to improve on as well.

It's back to practice Monday for UMBC, as we prepare for next week's match.  Stay tuned!

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