-When are practices?

During the school year , practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3p-6p on Walker Field. For the summer, we practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 6p-8p on Walker Field.

- I've never played rugby before. Can I still play?

Absolutely.  Over half of the team consists of guys who had never even seen a game of rugby before, let alone play one, before joining the club.  Quite a few of our starters last year have been molded into impact players solely from coaching and experience at UMBC.  All we need from you is determination and dedication to learn.

- If I don't make the starting squad, will I get a chance to play?

After every game, there's always a B-side match for the guys who didn't get to play that much in the A-side match. We use this time to help you grow as a rugby player and for us to evaluate how you're doing and what you can be improving on.  The more practices and team events you come to, the more B-side time we will prioritize for you.  If you put in the effort to come out and improve yourself, you will be rewarded with play time.

- What kind of equipment do I need?

All you need are 3 things:  Cleats, clothes, and a mouthguard.  A pair of rugby, soccer, or football cleats (if you have football cleats, the front stud needs to be removed) will do.  Any athletic clothing that you don't mind getting dirty or getting torn should be worn.  A mouthguard is highly reccomended for personal safety, due to the brutal hits that you are going to deliever and recieve.

- Are there any fees to play on the team?

We like to give first year players several weeks to just try it out to see if rugby is something they'd like to continue doing.

The dues that players pay is typically about $100 a semester.  This pays for us to "CIPP" you with USA Rugby, which is mandatory for you to play.  Being CIPP'ed gives you insurance from USA Rugby in the unlikely event that you should be seriously injured on the field.   The dues also include money for transportation to get to and from away games, basic upkeep for the club, equipment, and the field, and for a whole host of awesome things. For example, our week-long spring break rugby tours in Ft. Lauderdale, FL cost our members next to nothing thanks to dues and fundraising.   If you can't afford it up front, we do have payment plan options which are very flexible.

-Do you guys have a Facebook page or Twitter?

Yep!  We always keep them up-to-date. Our Facebook is UMBC Men's Rugby and our Twitter is @UMBCMensRugby

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us under the "Contact Us" tab.

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