First Annual UMBC Rugby Day of Service

SandtownHabitat It was a bright and beautiful Saturday, and a perfect day for rugby.  But the ruggers of UMBC weren't cleating up on April 13th.  Instead, they were putting on hardhats and work gloves to donate their time and skills to the local Habitat for Humanity charities.  A force of 27 men's and women's ruggers, with coordination and help from both alumni organizations, combined for over 200 hours of community service for one day.

Two groups of volunteers set out Saturday morning, one to the Sandtown Habitat for Humanity and the other to the Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity.  Working in conjunction with volunteers from other colleges and organizations, along with the wonderful staff, UMBC Rugby helped put in the needed man-(and woman-) power to build affordable homes that will help a family in need and bring together the local community.  Groups tackled different tasks, ranging from demolition to cement laying to building a brand new deck.

It wasn't all work and no play though.  Current players enjoyed the opportunity to meet and work with alumni, who shared war stories about the glory days of old.  The alumni also enjoyed seeing that the team they left behind still has some sense of pride in their organization and school, and were genuinely surprised when college students would willingly get out of bed that early to do anything that wasn't playing rugby.

UMBC hopes to make this day of service an annual tradition.  With proper planning, ruggers could donate their time to other charities who may need some brawny guys to boss around.  Those alumni and players who unfortunately couldn't  make it to this day of service, don't worry, you will just have to work twice as hard next year.

Check out all the photos from both sites on our Facebook page.  Check out Habitat for Humanity if you are interested in donating your time to a local charity and like to get your hands dirty.

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