Fundraiser and Spring Updates!


Tomorrow is one of the last Varsity Basketball fundraisers, and it's a big one!  A double-header starting at 1:00pm in the RAC is a great opportunity to get your fundraising dues in for this semester!  Come out and cheer for UMBC and have a great time with the team heckling the opponents' inferior skills and ugly faces.

If you haven't checked out our Spring Schedule yet, click the "Schedule" tab and see our big plans for this semester!   3 tournaments, plenty of scrimmages,  an awesome trip to Florida and some community service will keep us busy on Saturdays.  We appreciate all our fans who come to support us during our events, and can't wait to see you all this semester!

Special thanks to our sponsor, SAP NS2!  We have an excellent new look we plan to show off this semester, one with your name on it!  We're very excited and proud to have your logo on our jerseys so the other teams can appreciate it as we run past them and into the try zone!

Gonna be a great semester for UMBuC Rugby, especially for our Seniors who will be leaving us at the end of the semester.  Let's put in the work this semester and make it one to remember!

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