Not your typical spring break

BFe6DoBCEAAL2di As most UMBC students travelled home for their spring break, UMBC Rugby had other plans.  Packing up in vans in the early morning hours, the team journeyed south down I-95 to sunny Florida to play some rugby and relax by the beach.  After checking into the hotel and unpacking, the team prepared for their game Saturday versus Daytona Beach Rugby club.  Arriving to the pitch to perfect 78 degree and sunny weather, both teams kicked off a great game of rugby.  In the end, Daytona Beach came out on top 43-15.  UMBC suffered its first loss of the spring season but learned what they needed to improve on for their next match.  Afterwards, the teams relaxed and shared stories to good food and drink generously provided by Daytona Beach.  Another day at the beach and UMBC packed up and returned to Maryland, eager for their next game against Towson on the 30th.

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