UMBC brawls with Towson

UMBC/Towson Scrum It was a heavyweight contest between UMBC and Towson on Saturday, with both sides coming out strong and hitting hard.  First blood was drawn by UMBC, with a quick conversion by Richie Campbell to put UMBC on the scoreboard 3-0 in the first half.  Towson fired back quickly, with a try and conversion of their own.  That didn't stop inside center Cordell Drummond from punching in a try on a bruising 20 meter run to score under the goalposts, allowing for an easy conversion and tying the game at 10-10.  The score stayed neck-and-neck, as each team exchanged blows and every point was valuable.  Fullback Richie Campbell made two try-saving tackles, knocking balls out of the hands of Towson players before they were able to put downward pressure on the ball.  With Towson up 20-13, 8-man Michael Peuse broke off of a maul and dove into the try zone to put the score at 20-18 in Towson's favor.

The store held at a mere 2 point difference as both teams looked for any advantage over the other.  Only until the 68th minute did Towson finally find a hole in UMBC's defensive line and scored 3 tries in quick succession, to put the final score at 41-18 Towson.  Any spectator can attest that the score does not reflect the back-and-forth brawl the game turned out to be, and that momentum could have easily swung either way at the end.  Credit to where its due, Towson played hard for all 80 minutes and made few mistakes for UMBC to capitalize on.  Some questionable lack of calls on late hits and hitting players in the air left UMBC with a bad taste in their mouths, but that wont stop preparations for George Washington on Saturday, where UMBC will be seeking redemption and looking to make a statement with their gameplay.

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